Thursday, September 27, 2012

One Month In New York City

Why, how the time has flown. It feels like just yesterday we arrived, jet lagged, hot, sweaty into this vast city. Since then, it's been four weeks. Some days were off days - just to chill; some days were bad days - when none of the plans went right; some days were non-stop sightseeing - one beautiful thing after the next; and some days were so full of the boring admin and planning and chores that they didn't even feel like a holiday anymore.

New York City isn't as glamorous as I was expecting. I was somehow expecting hordes of fashionistas at every turn, streets full of models, and style that would turn heads. But, I don't know, I didn't quite see it. When you ride the subway, and there's a homeless guy down one end, and a tired-looking businessman sitting next to you, and a run-down student across from you, it certainly doesn't feel like the city of glitz and glamour. There's no head-turning styles on the subway, that's for sure.

I guess what I'm getting it, is that New York is raw. It's real. It's stuffed full of ordinary people. And yes, I'm sure there are a lot of people here living the high life, and you do glimpse bits of it by night, and by the limo that drives past every few blocks or so, but I feel privileged to have seen the heart and soul of New York, the down-to-earth beat of the city.
I don't by any means deny that the glamour and the fashion and the parties are out there and happening as I type, but from where I sit - in bed on a Thursday night - there's a whole lot of real life going on too.

In-between all these moments the weather changed. New York became a different city. Summer into Fall. Snap. Just like that.

Within one week - wait - a few days - within moments - the seasons changed. One week it was sweltering, sweaty hot, headaches day-in-and-day-out from the thirst-draining sticky hot. Then, the very next week, it was gone. The days were still sunny, but there was a chill in the air. A chill that very quickly turned into a bitter chill. And suddenly, light summer layers were no longer an option. Only layers and layers would do. Suddenly scarves and jerseys and jackets were coming out to play. And this is only Fall. Wait til the Winter hits.

This month in New York has been filled with ups-and-downs. The days blur into each other.

We traversed the city by car, taxi and tube, hopped on buses, hopped off buses. Got to see the city from many angles.

My favourite moments keep coming back to me, perfect days, and wondrous evenings. The roar of life, coming from a little island big city.

Little city big island.

Click below to see some of those moments:

Sailing Around The City
New York, New York

New York really encapsulates that All-American ideal of bigger is better. Bigger buildings, bigger portions, bigger cup sizes, bigger people. Louder, prouder.

If you can't beat them, join them?

Another treat in NY was getting to see some Broadway.  And Husband has promised some theatre reviews, coming soon.

And now? Now we're off again. Hitting the road to go see what else there is to see. Husband kept saying, the whole time we've been here, how New York isn't America. It's a city unto itself. A little like Monaco.

So here we go, off to see America. We'll be leaving on the morrow.
What did you think of New York City?
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PS Just in case you missed it, here is where we've been so far

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