Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Eating Bunny Chow in New York City

Last night we visited the Red Rooster in Harlem. What a treat. After a day of rain, and missed buses, and mislaid plans, ending up at one of New York's hottest restaurants was just what we needed.

The whole place just drools cool - from the swanky, big round bar as you walk in, to the wooden packing shelves loaded with endless interesting trinkets, to the waiters dressed with such swag in waistcoats, bow ties and suspenders. The kitchen gleams at the back, all white tiling, framed with graphic black walls, and highlighted in copper fittings. What a dream spot.

Red Rooster is known for serving comfort food - fried chicken, corn bread and the sort - which is designed to celebrate the roots of American cuisine and the diversity of the neighbourhood.

Which is why we were so surprised to find Bunny Chow on the menu. Bunny Chow, really? You can't get more South African if you try. But that, combined with a few South African wines on the menu had us guessing that the chef had recently visited South Africa. And had me gagging to try the Bunny Chow.

So I did. And it was incredible. Lamb stew, on a simple seeded bun, with an egg on top, mango chutney on the side and a big dollop of ricotta. It was superb. And tasted just like a good ol' Bunny Chow from back home. But better. Way better. Gosh.

Husband had the Fried Yaird Bird, which was the best fried chicken he ever had. It put KFC to shame (and he likes KFC, shame). I tasted some. The outside was perfectly crisp - it didn't have any of that greasy flavour that usually puts me off deep fried food; and the inside was soft, so moist and so delicate it was completely melt-in-the-mouth.

Red Rooster, we will be back for seconds. Yes please.

Thank you Chef.

Restaurant in Review:

Red Rooster
310 Malcolm X Boulevard  Harlem, NY 10027
(212) 792-9001

Executive Chef: Marcus Samuelsson

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