Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New York, New York

New York...mmm...New York. What can I say? It's New York. It's almost as if those two words say it all. 

We're staying out in the Queens area - it's nice being in the suburbs, away from the complete crazy of Manhattan. So, we've spent a couple of days exploring the local shops and restaurants, and a little bit of time in the big city itself. We've only been here for a few days and it already feels like a whirlwind. So here's a bit of a recap:

Day One

Arrive. Unpack. Freshen up.

Drive around the neighbourhood with our good friend and host, Kimon. Feast on lip-smackingly good Greek food. Buy groceries. Head home. Crash. Jet lag.
Day Two

Wake up. Relax. Unpack some more. Shower. Hit the streets.

Check the prices at the laundromat. Buy an umbrella for Husband. Get caught in a torrential downpour. Run to the nearest restaurant. It's empty, but it smells good.

Antonio's. Pizza for me, pasta for Husband. Superb.

Hit the streets, post-rain. Walk down the main road. Buy more groceries. Find out about cellphone contracts. Buy metro cards. Walk down to the park, to the pool, to the river.

Walk back to the house.

Evening in. Husband makes us healthy chicken salad. Bliss.

Day Three

Wake up. Relax. Watch 'True Blood'. We're on holiday right?

Quick lunch at home. Hit the streets. Drop off laundry. Catch the bus. To the metro.

Catch the metro. To Manhattan.

Get off the metro, walk up the stairs. Times Square. Walk through Times Square. Everything is so big. And flashy. Wow.

Walk to Central Park. Buy a hot dog. Eat a hot dog. Yummy. Walk through Central Park. Watch some baseball. Walk out of Central Park. Go to the Apple store, and FAO Schwartz. Play the Big Piano.
Walk down 5th Avenue. Gawk at the stores. Get on the metro. Sweltering hot outside. Shivering cold inside. Jet lag.

Get out the metro. Walk through the West Village. Breathe.

Restaurant. Cafe Cluny. I read about it here. Sit. Husband tipsy after one Sweet Julep Tea. We eat. Trout for him, tuna burger for me. Out of this world. Melt in the mouth. I want ten more. Peach pie with buttermilk ice-cream. What? Too good to be true.
Walk to metro. Get on metro. Jet lag. Nearly fall asleep on ride home. 

Restaurants In Review:

Aliada Restaurant
2919 Broadway, Astoria, NY 11106
(718) 932-2240

76-08 21st Ave, East ElmhurstNY 11370
(718) 728-9200

Cafe Cluny
284 West 12th Street, New York, NY 10014
(212) 255-6900

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