Thursday, August 30, 2012

Keeping Fit While Traveling

Up until now, this hasn't been a real thing. We might have been walking off a lot of our big meals during all our cross-city far-reaching sightseeing walks, but for the most part, holidays and weight control/loss is not a real thing.

And shame, you really do go out there with the best intentions. You carry running shoes across whole continents. But let's not be silly - who really wants to exercise while on holiday? The whole point of holiday is late night dinners rolling into late morning lie-ins, rolling into afternoons on the beach.

I think we actually did pretty good in Europe with all our walking. That's what being cheap gets you - a little bit of balance, and a lot a calorie burning post-meal as you stomp your way across town.

And who can beat that?

But now, now it's not so much about holidays anymore. Yes, we may still be on holiday for a while yet, but we're on our way back to real life.

And real life means not looking like an oompa-loompa.

So, running shoes are out - I refuse to carry them all the way across another continent. It's just not feasible. They take up a helluva lot of space - space that could be used for clothes.

But if you can't fit into those clothes because you look like an ompa-loompa then what is the point?


I'm putting my running shoes on as I type (it's tricky, but a work-out of its own).

And just now - I'll be sweaty and hot and gross, but I'll feel so much better.

And the space those running shoes take up in my suitcase will finally be justified.

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lucille said...

Now, Robyn, remember you're not American, yet, at least. South Africans spell "travelling" with 2 l's! mom

lucille said...

Good to hear that you'll be running! My best form of exercise! mom