Friday, September 28, 2012

The Road Trip Diaries

So here it begins. The Road Trip. The crux of it all. And so here begins The Road Trip Diaries.

Here comes crazy. 

Today, we get in the car, all packed, journey selected, GPS loaded, camera at the ready. It's just us, a renta-car and miles and miles of open road. The adventure has been chosen. And boy, is it going to be one helluva adventure. I have already decided on that. 

Mmm...the open road awaits. The ocean, the desert, the great outdoors - and the great indoors of the big cities we will meet along the way. Skyscrapers and surf, eagles and elk, castles and motels - we're coming for you. I'm almost as excited as I was on the day our whole journey began
I couldn't agree more with this quote. Change comes from within. I'm ready to take that first step.

I'll be updating the blog as often as possible from the road, wireless-permitting, so that you can keep up-to-date with every moment of our trip. It will almost feel like you're with us. 

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