Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Soon, we’ll be leaving on a jet plane. In less than an hour in fact. Bags are packed, butterflies are swarming. We’re off to see the world.

About five weeks ago I started this blog up again to chronicle this journey, to keep friends and family updated about where we go and what we do. And now it is finally time to start. It feels like we’ve been planning this forever, now we’re ready and waiting. Scroll down to read about all the planning so far, to get an idea of where we've been before, and what's coming our way.

I’m not going to say exactly where we’re going (so don’t even try and ask), you‘re just going to have to discover it along the way, just as we do.

We're in the airport, toastie eaten, quick wireless-hit, then off to get some forex. This afternoon has been insane. My back aches from endless packing. There was a lot of rescue remedy, and some lying-down-on-the-floor-hyper-ventilating, but now it's time. Here we go world, we're coming for you.

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Ant C said...

So excited for you, little Knees! I hope to follow you in your adventure... and who knows, (spoiler alert)even share a part with you!

Now how do I subscribe to this flippen thing????

Ant C