Thursday, July 12, 2012

London in One Day

Day one in London was a blast. It felt a lot like we saw London in one day, just because we covered so much ground and took so much in. Husband was my own personal tour guide, taking me to all the places he remembered – the spots he used to work, the places he’d hang out with his friends. It was so fun to see where his world used to be, and to see a new part of the world that I’ve never experienced before.

I love big old cities. I love how they spread and flow and ebb. I love the old buildings, the entrenched sense of culture, and the deeply ingrained heritage. Places and things and spaces that were built centuries ago, through complete and utter time-consuming activities amaze me.  It’s a little like that vintage clothing that I used to sell and love so much – I value that so much more which has taken a lot of time and care to build, establish and create.

Cities like London are so different from the ones back home. Back home we hide away in our cars and offices and shopping centres. The streets are not safe it seems. I love seeing people walking on the streets, catching taxis and buses. A city that bustles is a city that breathes.

And this is a city that breathes and breathes and breathes. It throbs. It aches. It echoes. There are people everywhere, endlessly everywhere.

Today, we were two of those people, trawling through the crowds. It was beautiful and interesting and different and old and new and an absolute delight.

Today we walked from Green Park to Piccadilly to Leiceister Square, Convent garden, Tottenham Court Road for Wagamama lunch, to Trafalgar Square. Then from Big Ben, down along the Thames and to the National Theatre.

Where we promptly collapsed on a couch with some hot chocolate. And a brownie. A sugar hit was desperately needed after all that walking. Try and remember we were on a aeroplane last night as well, flying, stuffy-stiff and gruesome-bored and never-properly-slept.

So now, now we’re in bed, at 6pm. For some emails and some updates, and a much needed night-in with some soup, baguette and champagne (if you could see our itinerary for the next few days and nights you’d completely understand!)

Oh London. How much more you have for me to see. I’m so ready.

Just not right now. I’ll see you in the morning London.


Ant C said...

Lovely photos and thoughtful musings! Enjoy!

Movan said...

You give us a wonderful glimpse of London! Makes me want to rush over and breathe with the city!
That gold man..? A statue? One of those statue artists who happens to be sitting at an impossible angle? Intriguing!

Reaching Robyn said...

Thanks Aunty Mo and Ant C!

Yes, a real live person, sitting at an impossible angle. There's tons of them everywhere! We even saw some floating completely in mid-air like a genie! So very strange :)