Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Few Of My Favourite Moments

Recently, driving to set at 4am, through a crisp, cold winter morning, I started talking to myself in the car. In a crazy Afrikaans accent (I was driving into Pretoria, it seemed appropriate). It was also 4am, and I'd been on set for a good few days. Exhaustion, freezing temperatures and stress led me to a moment of pure crazy in my car.

My moment of pure crazy led me to think of my wonderful husband, who let's me be pure crazy. He is sweet and understanding, and allows me all the space I need to be a little crazy, to grow a lot, and to spread my wings. Without him I would only be half of me.

One year and two months after our special day I can't help but look back at a few of my favourite moments from our wedding day.

I love you husband. Happy Anniversary.

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