Sunday, July 15, 2012

Toto, I've a Feeling We're Not in Kansas Anymore

London is very very different from back home. Of course it is. The history, the heritage, the people, the whole city dances to its own tune.

This whole experience, this whole journey is taking us both to a very different place, and it is so so wondrous. I couldn't help but start make a list on the bus yesterday.

1. The internet is fast. Super fast.

2. Things are expensive. Like everything.

3. It rains. A lot. Like drizzle. In your face.

4. I have Husband all to myself. All the time. Hand holding, arms linked, hours and hours of exploring the city with a silly smile stuck on my face.

5. The tube at midnight. The rush, the excitement, people running to catch the last tube before the trains stop for the night.

6. Things work. Trains run on time. Police do their jobs. Its clean and efficient and shiny. Maybe that's also why (2) things are expensive.

7. It might be a big city, but life is a lot smaller - small apartments, small houses, small showers, small spaces. In South Africa we're used to big open sprawling spaces meaning our houses and lives and shops and gyms are all a lot bigger.

8. It's nearly 8pm and the sun is still out. It completely still looks like day time. It's highly confusing to my inner clock. Shame.

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[Pictures from the streets of London]

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