Monday, June 18, 2012

This Is What Planning Looks Like.

It feels like we've been planning this forever. The ins and outs, and ups and downs of planning a trip around the world. There's been queues for visas, endless to-do lists, hours and hours spent online, a few disagreements, a lot of maps, a lot of numbers, figures and money, money, money.

I always think of the way our parents used to travel - buy a ticket, stuff a suitcase and jump on a plane. And you're anywhere. Anywhere in the world. It certainly isn't that simple anymore. Far from it. Now you've got to do everything to get anywhere. Make sure to dot every 'i' and cross every 't'.

Now we spend almost every Sunday morning in bed, with an iPad and a laptop, and slowly slowly the to-do list gets shorter. And longer. And shorter.

It's going to be worth it though. I know that for sure.

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