Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday {Past Explorations}

My parents bought a house in the mountains a few years ago. It's in Magliesburg, just 50 minutes outside of Johannesburg. They go out there almost every weekend, and this weekend we're going to be joining them there, with my cousins, aunt and uncle.

So I thought this is as good an opportunity as ever to have a look back at a few of my {past explorations} there.

The first one I remember was with my cousin, the ever ameezing Camilla. We got lost on the way there because we were so busy listening to music, and chatting to friends on the phone. Basically it made for a very long journey, but a very good road trip.

Another weekend there, in 2008, while they were still renovating our house:

In Christmas 2009, the whole family gathered together in the now completed house. It was a wonderfully hot summer, and so nice to spend a holiday together.

Looking forward to this weekend!

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