Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Mini Restaurant Review: New York

1. Fig and Olive

Husband had heard about this one, but we just happened upon it, one afternoon, between tours. It was swanky, suave, chic. Packed with the high-paid business men and women of NY on their lunch break.
I ordered the skirt steak panini which was more like a skirt steak toasted sarmie. But with chunky crisp potato wedges, and lightly dressed salad it made for a perfect lunch. All served up on a wooden board.
Husband was feeling a bit more ambitious and ordered the 'fixe lunch' or set menu. He ate a delicious gazpacho soup, a good-looking paella, and a chocolate mousse. The bites that I had of his were scrumptious.

10 East 52nd Street, Manhattan, NY
(212) 319-2002

2. Risotteria

When we first walked past this spot in the West Village we knew it was a winner. As big fans of the scrummy rice dish, this sounded just like our kind of spot. So, when we found ourselves in the West Village a few days later, bellies-rumbling, feet-sore and risotto-calling, we knew it was time.
270 Bleecker Street  New York, NY 10014
(212) 924-6664

3. Taverna Kyclades

Mmm...Saturday afternoon. Hungry. The day is hot, but the wind is blowing, just like it does at the ocean. We sit down at a roadside restaurant in Aistoria and order dish after dish of delicious seafood. It feels even more like we could be by the ocean. What a feast!
33-07 Ditmars Blvd Astoria, NY 11105 
(718) 545-8666


lucille said...

Ooh,Rrobyn, making my mouth water. you know how I love fish! mom

Reaching Robyn said...

The food here has been absolutely incredible. More amazing food posts coming up soon... xx