Thursday, March 7, 2013

Working In Retail

I have two boutique jobs at the moment. Each sell beautifully tempting goods, pretty dresses, desirable jewels and to-die-for styles; but each job could not be more different.

It's funny the office politics, daily dramas, budding friendships, intriguing customers and quality relationships that can form in a place like this. Boutiques are small, quaint, conversation-driven shopping opportunities, and I've found that working in these environments has been both educational and interesting.

Don't get me wrong here though, this ain't forever. I go out of mind in the tedious slow spells. And sometimes feel like I might shoot myself in the brain if I have to tell another person how fabulous they look in an item that I really want for myself. See - I find buying the clothes somewhat counter-productive to working there, even with the discount. I've got bills to pay, and food to buy. And these are boutique prices after all - I'd much rather just go to the Forever 21.

One day I may just own my own boutique. I've always liked that idea. And a restaurant. And an antique store. And a home decor store. My own little empire.

Probably by this time tomorrow in fact.

Pictured above: a typical Monday night at the store - unpacking a whole new load of Spring clothes. Ouch.

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Nicola Kritzinger said...

Gosh! So hard not to buy clothes where you work - but at least you have some self restraint. It's even harder though to fork out boutique prices in real money that could be going towards a lovely dinner, or your phone bill... I've run into Joel and Camilla this week! makes me miss you even more. We're all gonna have drinks soon - but don't fret - I'm sending you my cousin asap! ;) xxx