Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Best Damn Pea Soup Ever.

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this cookbook before on this site, possibly even this exact recipe. But oh well, there's nothing like a little repetition to really drive a point home.

Damn right.

A made this soup recently - ok, maybe it was a few weeks ago, but that's still recently in my book. And it was scrummy-licious. Don't forget the parmesan for the end - I always do. Really truly.

[Recipe from bitten. Food blogger from here.]


Nicola Kritzinger said...

THIS LOOKS AMAZING!!! SO YUM!!! I'm definitely going to try a little version of this minus a thing or two, you know. I'm dying for a good pea soup recipe.

Sorry you're getting so many of these weird fake anonymous comments... Maybe you should turn on your comment moderator...

Yay for Robyn cooking delicious things and posting them!

mom said...

America brings out the best in you, Robyn! mom