Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday {Past Explorations}

There are little bits and pieces of our journey that got left behind. Due to time constraints, or just the overly high level of content during this time, or because sometimes I was too busy living the moment to post about it here. But it seems only right to fill in the gaps, to give each of those missed experiences their chance to shine. And here is one such event.

It was during our week of the New York City Pass - nearly six months ago now (I know, I can't believe it was that long ago either!). We had signed up for a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge - which in the heat of summer probably should have been done in a nicely air conditioned car, and definitely not wearing jeans. But you'll have to forgive my fashion faux pas that day, and the subsequent sweaty brow, and just enjoy the photos of New York City and the Brooklyn Bridge.

In any case, considering how chilly this winter has been, I certainly could use a sweat-inducing day such as this one again soon.

There's tons of interesting history about how the bridge was built, and it is quite a marvel considering how it was all done without modern day technology. Those people were genius, and a lot of them lost their lives in the process of this project of passion. I'd definitely recommend taking the tour, as having a well-informed guide definitely makes it a whole lot more interesting.

Brooklyn Bridge accomplished, we explored the neighbourhood of Dumbo, and snapped some pics of the bridge, and the city, from the other side of the river. What a perfect adventure.

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lucille said...

Great pix and a great bridge, Robyn!