Friday, February 8, 2013

New Years in LA

I feel like posting about New Years Eve in February means I'm way behind the times. But I won't be held accountable. My blogging standards have been lower than usual, and I'm blaming everyone but myself for this late post. Ha!

But anyway, enough buck-passing. And on to the story of our New Years.

Husband and I were supposed to be working that night - as event staff. But last minute the gig was canceled, and we were relieved to have the evening to ourselves. With our night suddenly free, we decided to sup around the corner at Figaro - our new fave French restaurant, within walking distance of the house. So we had a pre-dinner martini at home (as you do) and walked around the block.

The night was briskingly cold, and our walk around the block was a quick one, hands in pockets, wrapped up like little snowmen. The restaurant however was invitingly warm as we arrived for our 9pm booking (purposefully late to bring us easily closer to the midnight hour). We couldn't resist a glass of champagne before ordering dinner.

Dinner was paella from me - our time in Europe has me hooked on paella (especially after that most-amazing-will-fly-back-to-France-for-it paella), and I couldn't resist. It was good, perfect flavours, just the right amount of yum factor! Husband ordered the rack of lamb, which was also melt in the mouth, delicately delicious.

 And then? Back out in to the cold night for another brisk walk home, to more martinis and a celebration for two.

It was bliss to be out of the crowds, away from the noise, the hubbub and the anti-climax. Just me and Husband, my most favourite combination.

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AntK said...

how special - a New Year to treasure