Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Turning Twenty-Six

Twenty-six is one of those weird ages, in between, in the gap, in the space between twenty-five and thirty. Feeling old, but not old enough. It's also strange to be so far from home on my birthday, but when December 4 came around I was excited. I do love a bit of a birthday.

The morning started with wonderful Skype conversations with family back home, and presents arriving from across the world. That was a treat!

We decided to try out one of those 'Hollywood Classics' for lunch - Pink's. The queue is always long, and the demand high. Pink's sells hot dogs, cheese dogs, mince dogs, and a combination of all of the above. It was worth the experience I would say, but not worth the taste - I've definitely had better hot dogs in my life.

Husband suggested we spend the afternoon in the downtown LA garment district - something I could not possibly turn down. Ninety or so blocks of stores - clothes, accessories, flowers, menswear, everything you could ever imagine! We didn't make it all the way across all ninety of course - that's a mean feat, but did cover a good ten or so. I was so busy filling my head with brain images that I forgot to take real pictures, so you'll just have to imagine how cool it was.

Got it? Yip, that cool.


Next up, we stopped at The Grove on the way to dinner (I know, a busy birthday, what can I say?), to bask in the Christmas lights and visit Sprinkles.

Birthday cake! Mini birthday cake for me!

Dinner was at Animal, with endless plates of delish tapas arriving one after another. I was too busy stuffing my face to really take any photos of the food - I know, useless again.

To round off a seriously perfect day, we walked up the road to Genghis Coen, for some live country music. Which I will admit to developing a serious liking for. It's just so - fun!

So that was my twenty-sixth birthday, and was entirely satisfactory. I think it can only mean good things for the year ahead!

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