Monday, January 21, 2013

The Feast of San Gennaro

Just over four months ago, we were in New York City. I had been doing some research into things to do in the city, and happened across a very interesting event.

This was one evening that I was particularly excited for. I love carnivals, and markets, and fairs. I love the rush of people, of cultures, of fun things to buy, and delicious things to taste. I love the new experience.  The Bell Buckle Arts and Crafts Fair was one of these. It was an incredible mix of things, people and curiosities. And so, so very different from the Feast of San Gennaro. This Italian spectacle, and that back country bring-anything-you-got-to-market could not have existed in the same universe.

And so it was that we entered the alleyway, welcomed by every possible concoction of red, green and white. And as the sun sunk lower in the sky, the Feast got more and more persuasive, tempting and delightful. Our friend Kimon joined us for the evening, and he and I set out to try as many delicious little snacks before dinner as we could. Each was more delicious than the one before.

Life bleeds out of the streets, just like the lights which make it seem like it may even be day. It feels like a carnival, rolled into a food market, rolled into stalls of souvenirs and make-up. All covered in flags of Italy.

It makes for a strange mix.

Unfortunately our actual dinner that night in Little Italy was a complete and utter disappointment. Husband has done a full review of the events of that particular meal, which you can read here.

Luckily the rest of the Feast was so heart warming, so delightful, and so right up my alley, that I skipped out of Little Italy that night, happy and content.

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