Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lost in Time in Times Square

Sometimes you find yourself just standing in the middle of Times Square, just standing. All need to rush someplace else gone. Because you are standing in Times Square. There were everything happens. Where life swirls and turns and twists and breathes all around you. But stays the same. Essentially it is the same. Yes, it pulls your breath. It satiates you, it keeps you looking in every direction. But it is empty. A void. A space of empty spaces.

Ah, Times Square. Everything and nothing.

Even our tour guide agreed - he described the first and only New Years Eve he'd spent in Times Square - he said it was one of those things you have to do, a right of passage, a momentous occasion.

And not altogther worth it. An experience he'd never again repeated. Because when you spend hours standing in the square waiting for the ball to drop, in the cold, that last ten seconds go by so quickly, and by then all you want to do is go home. I'd much rather give Times Square a skip and hit up the big parties else where in the city.

 But you do get lost there. Slowing turning, neck craned up, lit like day light. What a thing.


Nicola Kritzinger said...

you look so beautiful, happy looks really good on you. X

Reaching Robyn said...

Hunny, you say the sweetest things. Lots of love xx