Sunday, August 26, 2012

Two Weeks in London

It's the little moments that made up my two weeks in London. Husband was back in South Africa for work, and I was lucky enough to be staying in Wimbledon with his wonderful cousin and her family. I got to really explore London, and see parts of it that I had missed before.

And it was the little moments that all came together to make those two weeks so wondrous.

Like drinking champagne mid-shopping trip, watched by security guards who worry your shopping trolley might be a 'health and safety' risk.

Like visiting friends across town for lunches, markets and brunches.

And the maps and trains and buses that get you there. And independence. Be anywhere you like, in one of the busiest, biggest cities in the world. With the snap of your fingers.

Like the Tower.

The tube. The swirling pull. The difference between day and night. Day is quieter, singular passengers rushing, rushing, rushing. Night is noisy. Friends and groups and people, relaxed and invigorated, going home from dinner, or off to a party.

The clankety-clank of that tube.

The people watching. People have never been quite as interesting.

Sightseeing with the perfect host (and now friend for life). One who is full of enthusiasm and interest for fun new things to do. One with scrummy snacks, and similar tastes in food and shops and markets. The ultimate partner in crime.

*Also good for: making dinner together, pouring great glasses of wine, sharing lunch, and late nights in front of the TV. Ace!

The markets. The mass of people and products and sweet-smelling food. The endless temptation. Trawling each one for the best buy, the most scrumptious meal and the best fashion steal.

Enjoying mouth-watering sushi feasts on nights-in. The best soft shell crab rolls I've ever tasted.

The captivating Natural History Museum.

The Olympic fever. Everyone went a little Olympic mad - there were fans on the tubes, and conversations in the park and endless games and matches on the TV, everywhere you went.

The weather, ah, the weather. The glorious sunshine, the long, long days, the stifling humidity. The very few days of rain. It wasn't what I was expecting. I had imagined long grey stormy days, which just leave you feeling moody...and wet. But it was the opposite.
Two weeks was really fast, surprisingly so. Gone, in a blink.

Thank you London, for blue skies and sunny smiles, for good times and the best of friends.

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