Sunday, August 19, 2012

This Little Piggy Went To Market

In the past six days I have been to four markets! Yes, four markets. Like a right little piggy.

But wow, what an experience. The impossible-to-choose food, the racks-and-racks of clothes, and the endlessly-new sights. What a complete delight. Here is the weekly round-up.


Burough Market

Burough was mouthwatering. It was beyond delicious. We wondered the aisles and snacked on gyoza (twice), and then had an incredible parma ham and melon salad, as well as a lamb and rice wrap. The stall owners were friendly and welcoming, and more than happy to have you try their food.

One tip though? Tuesday probably isn't the best day to go - a good few of the stalls were closed - but apparently Wednesday through Sunday is perfect.

Go to Burough for: food heaven.


Dalston Street Feast

My good friend Caroline recently heard about this relatively-new, relatively-unknown market in Dalston, so we headed there on Friday night to go see what everyone was on about. And it all made perfect sense. This street-style market was in an old roofless warehouse. It was rustic, and filled with all the usual hipsters. We had to move our chairs as so not to get sprayed by the at-work graffiti artists. It was that kind of cool.

We circled the stalls. It was grills and barbecues and frying pans of the most tantalising smells. It was impossible to choose. Well, almost impossible. The burger won for me, and for Caroline. I could sink my teeth into that burger many more times. Succulent, juicy, just plain delicious.

And then? We drank under the stars. Because that's what you do in a roofless warehouse on a delectably warm night in London.

Go to Dalston for: an alternative way to spend a Friday night.


Portobello Market

Mmm...Portobello. One of my favourites. Bright, colourful, and absolutely packed, this was a goodie. Rows and rows of alluring clothes stalls, completely covered in every possible summer wardrobe delight. And boy was it hot enough to inspire some summer purchases. We were shopping our bums off.

The antiques market was also divine, and the food market left us ravenous. Luckily we were off to have a big lunch straight after the market, otherwise we would have stuffed our faces with paella, stews and jerk chicken.

Go to Portobello for: one-of-a-kind antique finds and a some enticing new pieces for your wardrobe.


Spitalfields Market

Today I met Monica at Liverpool Street Station; from there we wandered through Petticoat Lane market, and were met by piles and piles of ridiculously cheap clothes. Yes, ridiculously cheap. Next we wandered down the road and into Spitalfields - a market housed within a big building, surrounded by wonderful restaurants. There were bargains to be made, and purchases to be had, and lots and lots of browsing to be done.

It was another sweat-inducingly hot day, filled with wonderful finds and appetising treats.

Go to Spitalfields for: beautiful jewellery, a day out of the rain, and wonderful gifts for those back home.

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Nicola Kritzinger said...

Looks wonderful! I wish I lived in London when I see beautiful photos like this! <3 Glad you're having so much fun pumpkin! xxx