Monday, August 20, 2012

Paris in Review

Where We Stayed:
- Hotel France Eiffel
This hotel was exceedingly well located as it was a mere five minute walk from the Eiffel Tower. We were also surrounded by nice restaurants and supermarkets (two minutes away on the Boulevard De Grenelle), and the tube and bus stations were also both within walking distance. The room was quite pokey, but since we were staying in Paris we really didn't spend all that much time in it.

Price: about 100 euros a night (possibly slightly cheaper the more nights you book in one go)

What We Ate:
Breakfast was mostly quick and easy - restaurants generally seem to offer a variety of choices ranging from the simple croissant and coffee to toast, ham and eggs.

- George V (Champ Elysees)
On our first day Husband went straight for the Croque Monsieur and I ate a roast beef sandwich at George V. It definitely wasn't the best meal of our time in Paris, but our hungry tummies dictated this one, and we stopped at the first restaurant we saw. Definitely yummy though.
- Cafe Marly (Le Louvre)
Lunch on day two saw me having a Croque Monsieur and Husband with a tomato pasta. As we were right in the heart of tourist central this one also wasn't amazing. Unfortunately the restaurants in these busy areas just don't live up to their surroundings.

- Terroir Parisien (24 Rue Saint Victor, Maison de la Mutalitie)
This was our favourite Paris meal by far. Having read a review on the flight in, Husband booked us a table as soon as we got to the hotel. And he was completely right about it. This was an expensive night out, but certainly worth every penny. Read the full story and review here.
- Le Vrai Paris (33 Rue des Abesses, Montmarte)
Another extraordinary dinner. This one was chosen by popular demand - firstly I really really needed to pee, and restaurants won't let you use the bathroom unless you're a customer, and secondly, it was packed. Therefore, we assumed it must be good. And it was. Oh my gosh it was. Have a peek at all the pics and the story of our evening in Montmarte here.

Prices: Besides from our night at Terroir Parisien, which was a special treat, the food prices were much the same as they were in Barcelona. So you're looking at around 30 euros per head.

What We Saw:
- The Eiffel Tower
- The Military School and Military Museum
Well worth a wonder through, though we didn't go into either. Not quite our thing.
- The Notre Dame
Most beautiful when viewed at night - and the perfect area to wonder through after dinner!
- Le Louvre
Packed full of beautiful art, why would you miss out on this one?
- Avenue Des Champs Elysees
The walk from Le Louvre to the Arc de Triomphe is packed with beautiful sights (including the Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume and the Obelisk), shops and restaurants.
- Arc de Triomphe
- The Montmarte area
Featuring the Moulin Rouge, the Sacre Couer and the set of Amelie, this little area is not to be missed. It is also packed full of amazing restaurants and shops.

The Best Advice:
I followed my own advice from my review of Barcelona and we jumped on one of those 'hop on, hop off' buses. For 29 euros for two days it was definitely worth it - and saved us a lot of walking!

Something Interesting:
Everyone *ever* always says the French (and most Europeans for that matter) are unfriendly, and unwilling to speak English. We didn't experience this at all. *Everyone ever* is obviously crazy, and hasn't been to Europe in a long time. As long as you're friendly, and at least try and speak a little bit of their language they seem more than happy to speak to you in what little English they know. Really truly.

Thank you Paris!

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