Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Exploring The Neighbourhood

Recently, more and more, we've been getting to know this little neighbourhood of ours, on sunny days, and cold nights, and inviting lazy afternoons.

And what a delight it has been.

Just over a week ago, a sunshiney Friday afternoon opened up and called us out. We hit the streets, and went for a walk around Silver Lake reservoir. The sun hit the water just so, and with the mountains in the distance, it was beyond picturesque. I am a bit of a nature nut, it would seem.

One side of the reservoir explored (it is a reservoir - hence the fences - even the pics without fences had fences, I just shoved my phone through the tiny gaps far enough to snap fence-free shots), we jumped in the car and drove up to Atwater Village, yet another one of our bohemian, hipster-filled surrounding suburbs.

We discovered an amazing boutique there - Individual Medley - which definitely deserves a second visit once my bank account has recovered from the last eight months, and a few other fun stores.

It was Bon Vivant with it's fairy lights, wooden features and enticing deli displays that really got us though. Since we were en route to dinner, we only stopped in for grapefruit juice (so freshly squeezed that it pulled at the inside of my cheeks - perfectly sweet, but perfectly bitter - delicious), and a chance to check our map before heading out again.


lucille said...

In shorts and sun, Robyn - summer must be on its way! mom

Reaching Robyn said...

Slowly slowly it's creeping in. Last week was blissfully warm but this week is chilly again! I'm sure soon it'll change and be warm non-stop.

Fingers crossed xxx