Saturday, March 9, 2013

Blog Nerd

Living in LA, and working in events, I've come into contact with many celebs. Like proper, full-on-famous, makes-more-money-than-sense kind of famous. And strangely I've remained rather unaffected. I certainly do walk past them, or through crowds of them, with a sneaky smile on my face. It's interesting, amusing, over-worldly to see these big names and faces close up, and to see that they're just normal, run-of-the-mill people. Just slightly more recognisable than the person next to them. That's all.

But then I run into a blogger. One who's blog I've been reading for years - someone who you actually really know, because it is the real them that they play, not their character on the big screen. It's someone you can actually relate to - and now, suddenly I want pictures and autographs and all those silly things.

Anyway, Bri of designlovefest walked into the store the other day. So here's me being a blog nerd. And me being even more of a blog nerd by taking screen grabs of our convo on Instagram. Ha! Blog nerd. Shame.

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