Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's, Weddings & Lots Of Little Hearts.

So, it's Valentine's Day. So if you're one of those people who get horribly moody about people in love, then you should probably stop reading. Because not only is it Valentine's Day, but it's also our twenty-first month wedding anniversary (we're nearly at two years!), and no matter how silly it is to count the months, we like doing it, especially since this particular month falls on Valentine's Day - through no pure fluke, I might add.

Nearly two years ago now, when we were planning this wedding, we were heading very quickly towards winter. There were additional time pressures of filing forms, visas and travel applications, all of which needed to be done once we were married. AND then, to top it all off, I decided that we needed to get married on a date with a '4' in it. Because it's my lucky number, and because it's a bride's prerogative. Just like that.

So, out came the calendars. We had about a two month window before it became too cold, and too late. That means two month's of 4th's, 14th's and 24th's. Six days total. Some were too soon. Some were mid-week. And some were smack bang in the middle of pre-planned family holidays, and crazy cross-country adventure cycles that my father had planned.

Luckily, miracle of miracle, the 14th of May was unaffected. It was a Saturday. It was far enough away to give us just enough time (about two months) to plan the wedding, while still being close enough to not fall into mid-winter, and it looked like all the necessary family members would be back in town that weekend.

Date set.

After that, what could possibly go wrong? The location was relatively easy to organise, the invitations took slightly longer than expected, my dress was started and completed within the seven days before the actual ceremony, and a good few friends even managed to make last minute plans to fly in from around the world.

OK, so there were quite a few hitches and surprises along the path to ceremonial bliss, but of course there would be, whether the engagement lasts two months or two years! And in the end, the day was absolutely wonderful - a perfect mix of the city we love, the people we adore and all the fun you could ever wish to have in one night.

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lucille said...

Still the best wedding venue in the world! And the most good looking couple too! mom