Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday {Past Explorations}

Six months ago we were lucky enough to be invited to stay in Edinburgh - during the Edinburgh festival. We spent two wonderful days in the sun, exploring the city, watching it perform and thoroughly enjoying the festivities.

There were musicians and artisans everywhere - all promoting their shows on the streets. See more of that here.

We also got to visit the Edinburgh castle, which, while packed with tourists, was still a fun experience. The castle is beautiful. I always like to think about the people who have walked through those halls, and lived in those rooms, and marched across the cobbles for years and years.

I loved Edinburgh. I loved how old it is. I loved the buildings, all piled on top of each other, all ancient, and moss-stained, there for centuries and centuries and centuries.

I guess because I'm of Scottish descent it spoke to me even more. Though I would need much longer than two days to really explore that part of it, and to see where exactly in Scotland my family comes from. One day I will go back.

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lucille said...

Lovely pix, lovely words. Captures exactly my feeling about Edinburgh, which I also loved. Maybe some day . . . mom