Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Greater Day

Today was a tough day. Hard, and full of unforseen issues, traffic and headaches. Argh. I found myself sitting in a slump by the end of the day - still at work at 9pm - bones sore, muscles tired, eyes heavy. It's all I can do to prop up my head on my hand and play endless rounds of Solitaire on the computer.

Considering how good yesterday was as well - in comparison - just makes today seem all the more worse. And there's no point even putting down here what made it bad - just a series of circumstances, niggly work problems, scheduling nightmares and a bad funk, leaves me desperate for bed, sleep and a dreamless night.
BUT, it was just a bad day. That's all it was. Just one day. I'm sure there will be many more that I will face in my life, with tired-er shoulders, more overwhelming problems, and greater trials.The thing I have to do - need to do - is let it just be this one day, and wake up in the morning ready for a NEW day, brighter and better - and simply put, DIFFERENT from today.  

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lucille said...

Sorry to hear, lovely. But I know you've got the drive and energy to bounce back, as you did. mom