Friday, November 2, 2012

The Road Trip Diaries: Santa Fe, NM

29 October 2012

It's late when we finally make it to Santa Fe. Darkness has already swept across the valley.

My clock tells me it's nearly eight, but we've driven across another time zone, so here it's only nearly seven. We've been driving for twelve hours. It doesn't take us long to grab a few essentials, check-in to the hotel, and hit the sack. After a quick chicken salad in the hotel restaurant. Refuel. Refuel.

30 October 2012

It's quite a magical feeling waking up to a world you've only experienced in the dark. Last night Santa Fe looked no more than a scattering of stars in a valley. This morning it's a wonderfully Mexican town - all the buildings are low to the ground, painted in earth hues and almost disappear into their surroundings. Fall has taken hold here, and has painted the trees to match. The air is sharp, but gloriously warm in the sun.
After a much needed morning in bed we head out to Cafe Guadalupe, for a Mexican lunch of burritos and chipotles. The food was OK, but not amazing. I'm leaving this one off the list of contact numbers.
A short walk down the road takes us to the Loretto Chapel, and the Miraculous Staircase. 
In the evening we take a brisk walk around the centre of town. Brisk because it is pretty damn chilly out. The town has a wonderful ambience with its Mexican feel.

Dinner is at Santa Cafe. They've provided us with crayons and a paper tablecloth, so I do the only sensible thing and draw all over the table. Husband thinks I'm crazy, but eventually joins in with a round of hangman. This restaurant has come highly recommended, and besides from a moody hostess, and a mess up with Husband's order, the food is good. I have steak, with chilli potato mash, and when Husband's correct meal arrives, it's a yummy scallop fettucini.
31 October 2012

I awake on one of my favourite days of the year feeling worse than ever. Throbbing headache, running nose, my brain feels like its been stuffed with cottonwool. I stare blankly at the TV - we're watching the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. Its devastatingly chilling.

Mushy brain. Mushy brain. 
Lunch is at La Boca. I had the beet soup starter, which was heavenly creamy. And followed it with a lump crab sandwich and salad. Husband had the flat-iron steak and potatoes. Too good to be true.
Halloween night was an absolute treat. Our lunchtime waitress had passed on some suggestions to Husband, who then surprised me with a trip to a Haunted House. And man, it was a good one. Waiting in line I was already shaky with the screams echoing from inside.

Once we're in, a white-faced host in a top hat guides us through the partitions - each room has a set-up like a scene from American Horror Story. The costumes were intense, and very realistic - they had people tied up to electric chairs, deformed weirdos in wheelchairs and psychopaths who wanted us for their next experiment! It was exceedingly creepy.

Husband even says it was fookin terrifying. It is so difficult these days to scare people, we're all so jaded. So having the wits scared out of us was quite exciting. I was trembling as we got back into the car. It was bloody brilliant.

Next we had dinner, at La Plazuela - nachos and ribs. A lot of the couples there were dressed up even the old tops dancing to the live country music.

Finally we ended up at Ore House at Milagro where the Halloween party was just kicking off. The place was packed! And everyone was dressed to the nines. It was awesome.
1 November 2012
We drive out of town for lunch. We've heard about a certain green chilli cheeseburger at a certain Bobcat Bite which must be had. I'm feeling especially fragile from Halloween night, so the greasy burger hits the spot. Bobcat Bite is a tiny run-down diner with only a few tables. The waitress is super friendly though, and when our burgers arrive, piping hot, and supremely delicious we know we have found a winner.
After lunch we explore Canyon Road, which is just art gallery after art gallery. We see some really nice  stuff - incredible sculptures, and emotive paintings. It's wonderful walking along in the autumn sun, peeking into the galleries.
We were supposed to be heading to Denver for Halloween, but Husband had a complication with a voice recording he was scheduled to do. In the end staying in Santa Fe for four days was the most ideal thing we could have done. We just needed the break! Being able to unpack, chill and spend mornings in bed has been the best kind of medicine, and the perfect way to round up our holiday.

2 November 2012

Husband is up early for his voice recording, and soon after we're in the car, on the road.
I'm achingly aware of how close we are to the end of this road trip. It is a dull pain in my side. It feels bittersweet to be saying goodbye to the road - as it always does when a holiday comes to an end. But soon I will be able to unpack, and settle back in, and set up routines. And I guess I can take comfort in that.
Restaurants in Review:

Santa Cafe
231 Washington Avenue  Santa Fe, NM 87501
(505) 984-1788

La Boca
72 West Marcy Street  Santa Fe, NM 87501
(505) 982-3433
La Pluzuela

100 East San Francisco Street  Santa Fe, NM 87501
(505) 982-5511
Ore House at Milagro

139 West San Francisco Street  Santa Fe, NM 87501
(505) 983-8687

Bobcat Bite
418 Old Las Vegas Highway  Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 983-5319

Accommodation in Review:

Hotel Santa Fe
1501 Paseo De Peralta  Santa Fe, NM 87501
(505) 982-1200
[Map from Google Maps]


Nicola Kritzinger said...

Food, food, and more food! One would think this trip was all about culinary experiences around the world ;) looks delish, all of it!

You guys look fab in your Hallowe'en outfits! Scary but sexy at the same time ;)

much love!

lucille said...

Love your halloween faces. must have been fun. mom

Reaching Robyn said...

Teehee, it mostly was about world culinary experiences, if I'm honest with myself! Oh my gosh, we ate so much.