Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday {Past Explorations}

In the summer of 2008, I spent three months in Cape Town. I was there for season, working as a model. Though, we all agreed it was much more like a holiday than actual work. I arrived in November and moved into a run-down mansion in Camps Bay, where I found myself to be living with 18 other models.

I was exceedingly intimidated to start with, but soon became friends with these wonderful girls and guys from all over the world. The experience is one that I'll never forget. The house was messy, and crazy, and there were always models streaming in and out of the place - as it was such a big house there were always lots of visitors and parties. It was AMAZING.

In between castings we'd spend long hours lying on the beach, or camped out on the couches around the TV, and there was always someone in the house who'd come with you to grab a pizza, or watch a movie...or to party. Did I mention the parties? Wow. This was one helluva {past exploration}.

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lucille said...

Ah, Robyn, hadn't seen these Cape Town pix. You still look good as a blonde! mom