Sunday, July 22, 2012


This afternoon, after a glorious morning spent touring the nearby towns, Husband and I hungrily searched for a spot to eat. We found a small, busy restaurant down a backstreet in St Jean de Luz. The whole building was painted red, with a matching red awning and dried-out chili hanging from every available spot. We thought we were in for one very hot lunch, but decide to risk it based on the crowds.

And wow, I'm so glad we did.

After a light green salad, and a couple of delicious glasses of white wine, the waiter delivered our main - a steaming paella in a skillet.

Every bite was heaven. There were mini muscles, succulent and fresh. And super calamari rings, just the right amount of chewy and salty.The rice was soft, and moist, and creamy. Each piece of seafood was perfectly cooked. The flavours exploded, each individual taste balancing with all the rest. The chicken was light, and the chorizo was chunky and spicy.

Could it have been more perfect?

Um yes. Because after all that, Husband and I shared a creme brûlée, the best I've ever tasted (and I've tasted many a creme brûlée!). I can think of a couple of my in-laws who I would gladly post one of these to if I could.

Thank you St Jean de Luz for the most incredible paella of my life. And we haven't even tasted paella in Spain yet. Can it get better than this though? I'm oh so willing to find out.


lillie bliss said...

Oooh! Finding wonderful little local restaurants and sharing a bottle of wine is one of the best things about travelling in Europe! Sounds delish :) <3

Andz said...

Robs! Your adventure looks amazing!!! What camera are you using? Which setting did you use for inside the restaurant and the food?

Reaching Robyn said...

Thanks so much Andrea! So nice to hear from you :)

My camera is my baby - the first one I ever bought, and the first thing I ever spent so much money on in one go. So it's not particularly flashy or new, but I love it. It's a Nikon D40x - I'm not sure if they're even still available!

When I'm out and about snapping quick pics like that I just chuck it on automatic - rather than slow down the sightseeing, or slow down the eating! Hehe.

I hope that helps :)

I had a quick sneak peak at your blog too - wow, teaching must be hard! I'm currently staying with my cousin and her two kids (aged 2 and 5) and I completely can relate to what you say about kids changing and being sweet and kind one minute and rebellious the next - it's very hard to keep track!

Wow. Best of luck xx