Wednesday, July 4, 2012

*one week*

My stomach contracts at the thought. So much excitement, so much anticipation, so much fear, so much still to do!

One week. One week. One week.

I need a suitcase. I need to pack. I need to finish up my last few jobs. I need currency cards, and a hair cut. I need to see everyone, and to stock up on hugs. I need to run, to lose 5 kilograms. I need to work, to make more money. I need to organise two farewells. I need to do tax. To get an international drivers licence. To take photos. To print photos. I need to tie up loose ends. I need to let go of everything I know. I need to know that its ok to let go. I need everything packed away into its own little compartment, everything sorted and organised, everything in its place. I need to let go. I need to see the doctor - I have the flu. I need antibiotics.

I need CVs and showreels and reference letters. I need to know that I can start my life from scratch on the other side. I need to know that its ok to be completely petrified, its ok to let go. I need to take everything with me. Every little bit of home that I'm going to miss so much. I need a big shipping container packed full of all my favourite people, all my favourite things and all that I've built up here. Boxes and boxes of things that I need.

I need all these things. But I know I can't have them all. With only one week to go there isn't possibly enough time.

One week. One week. One week.

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lillie bliss said...

So much love for you. New adventures. Skype. Wine. Fun!

It is going to be amazing. You are on the plane as I type this... Going to miss you so much!