Sunday, July 1, 2012

Blog, What?

Wow little blog world, oh how you've pulled me in. You've captured me with your style, your sophistication, your honesty. I used to pour over glossy magazines the way I now pour over you, but they just don't compare, with their highly styled, never-going-to-be-affordable editorial shoots. But you blogs, you show me something real. You show me little glimpses into your everyday life, five moments out of every week, you share insider information and big dark secrets, attainable fashion, and some fashion to dream of.

You share funny videos, tips about life, the best hair style ideas and DIY bliss.

And now I've just discovered a brand new favourite! Hello Clothed Much.
I love the outfits she puts together - simple but sophisticated, colourful and trendy. Just delightful!

[All pictures from Clothed Much]

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