Sunday, July 29, 2012

Barcelona, Barcelona, Barcelona!

Guess we where are?

Yip, you guessed right. We’re right in the heart of it all, in a incy-wincy tiny apartment, which is just delightful. From here, we’ve walked and walked and walked (and only been here a couple of hours). Up and down through many little alleyways, packed with the sweetest little shops, overflowing with tapas restaurants, and brimming with tourists.

Life is good.

We’re back at the apartment to drop off some groceries, and to look up a restaurant for dinner. Peeps eat late here. And I mean late. Dinner is easily at 11pm. Luckily we grabbed a take-away mojito and a packet of chips.

Our list is already growing of places to visit in the next few days – I’ve past a couple of churches which are dying to be explored, we’ve already put a couple of shops on our list, and Husband is currently loading a whole list of spots to visit on Trip Advisor.

Are there any places that you could recommend?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, try the Attic on La Rambla