Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Sunday Surprise

Last weekend, I blogged about a perfectly blissful Sunday, and in it I mentioned the surprise fireworks display that we stumbled upon late in the evening. Well, a few days ago I was going through the pics on my little camera, and was surprised again - I'd managed to capture the few crazy minutes in which it all happened. So I thought I'd share the pics with you now.

It was pure fluke really - Ant Cristina mentioned after dinner that she thought heading into town for an ice-cream would be a good idea. Which of course it was. So we rallied the troops, loaded into two cars, and hit the road. After getting split up as we tried to find parking, we agreed to meet at Louis XIV's house (as you do). Pure coincidence meant we all wandered into the piazza at the same time, where despite the throngs of people we all found each other, and joined the crowd to watch the show.

The best part was when Husband suddenly appeared through all the people (I had wondered where he'd gotten to), grabbed my hand, and pulled me all the way to the front! The fireworks were coming from a person with a giant bull frame on top of him. Children ran around and around and around in circles, and we were so close we could taste the gunpowder as more and more fireworks exploded. There was confetti everywhere, and you couldn't help but be swept away in all the excitement.

I think we needed the ice-cream more than anything after all that. 

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