Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One Day You're In...

Mmmm...fashion week. Oh so chic. In a beautiful new location in Braamfontein, with some of the best views of the city yet. Delightful and delicious, and somewhat expensive (the drinks I mean). But gosh you can't beat those views, the glorious sunset light, and floor-to-ceiling glass.

And you certainly can't beat the designs of Joel Janse van Vuuren marching down the runway. Gosh. Colour. Form. Flow. Wow.


 I was lucky enough to grab one of Joel's ready-to-wear items a couple of days before the show. That green. That parachute silk. I felt like a little princess. Or was it a bunny?

And best yet? There's way more to come! First of all - official fashion show pics, and more stories, and then even more magic from Mr Joel. See I know for sure, because he's my cousin, and very very good at creating magic. I saw the whole of Joel's design process, from the making of inkblots, to designing, to a couple of mock-ups, and then had the joy of trying all these delightful items on as they were sewn, and hemmed, and shortened, and ironed, and adapted. It was fun playing dress-up (once again) and being Joel's living, moving (sometimes too much - he had to keep telling me to stop dancing around while he was trying to pin the dresses), breathing fitting model!

Pure genius, I swear.

More on Joel:

All photos in this blogspot by the ever-lovely Cara De Kock. See her creative genius here:

Oh and PS:

My cousin Camilla and I rocking two of Joel's ready-to-wear items.

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