Saturday, January 29, 2011

Purpleberry What?

My new favourite toy. I got it just before my birthday on a long-awaited contract upgrade. And yes, I did get my nails painted to match it on my actual birthday. I like pretty colours. And matching. It's just plain fun. And I like the new Tasha's at Rosebank, while we're talking about things I like. And yummy birthday lunches with my man.

But back to the blog post (I promise I'm done listing things I like!). One thing my Purpleberry is good for, is taking sneaking little pics at moments when you really wish you had a camera. Like these ones:

Johannesburg. Thursday afternoon. Driving home from town after just wrapping up set on a fashion shoot. We saw every kind of weather possible that day, which usually leads to good photo-taking opportunities. The day started cold, then we boiled our little bums off, then the clouds rolled in...and it poured. We all snuggled up under the gazebo, and waited for someone to call it a day. But no need, the skies cleared, the shoot went on, and I got to take this pic as I drove home.

Night shoot. A couple of weeks ago. Brand new All Stars.

Location Recce. Braamfontein. Look how beautiful my city is.

Saturday shopping trip. Old Khaki, my new favourite shop for basics, and one-of-a-kind design pieces. I spotted this old-school sewing machine in amongst the clothes, beautiful.

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