Friday, August 8, 2014

Los Angeles Diaries Continued: Hollywood

Though I try to avoid Hollywood like the plague, it really should be part of every tourist's trip. Here is the best (and worst):

Walk of Fame - prepare yourself for a LOT of people, most of them wearing strange costumes, and trying to pamphlet you, or sell you something. I prefer to drive it, but if you must walk it, I'd say go for early evening, just as the lights come on. It can be pretty.

The Spare Room - a "somewhat" secret bowling alley and games lounge in the heart of Hollywood, in the Roosevelt Hotel. Pretty cool. Order the Moscow Mule, you won't regret it. No shorts or flip flops, just dress nice. Bowling is $100 per hour per lane, book ahead of time and you can split it between 6 - 10 peeps usually. (Picture from the Google)

Hollywood Forever Cemetery - beautiful. Go at dusk. Explore the graves of famous dead people. In the summertime they show movies, with food trucks, such fun!

Amoeba Records - the craziest CD store I've ever been too - huge, and pulsating with people, and options and everything!

The Magic Castle - a tough nut to crack. You have to be invited by a member, for dinner and a show. And it's pretty pricey. But super fun if you can suspend your disbelief for a night. Twisty corridors and interesting dungeons lead off from the main dining area and intriguing bar, with magicians waiting around every turn to tempt you in with cool tricks.

Chateau Marmont - the ultimate celebrity hang out. Pretty darn good dinner service, and you can often spot a few famous people on the right night. Good luck getting a reservation though, they will google you when you call in, to check your fame-o-meter. Maybe a drink at Bar Marmont instead?

Connie & Ted's - great seafood!

Sassafras Saloon - one of the 'hidden' gems of LA. You wouldn't know it was there if I didn't tell you. An original house from New Orleans was trucked to Los Angeles - you can still smell the mould - and this bar was built around it. Grimy, but oh so elegant. Unlike anything I have ever seen. Oh, and jazz on Sunday nights. Yes please.

Runyon Canyon - LA's "outside gym" - put on those running shoes, and go for a "hike". Angelenos love their hikes, but you definitely won't catch them walking anywhere! This city is run on cars, and Ubers. Use Uber! It's totally worth it!

Good Times at Davey Wayne's - another hidden bar. You enter through a vintage store refrigerator, as pictured below (photo from the Google). Very hipster, and very fun on the inside.

Discover Los Angeles - is a great online tool for learning more about the city and some of it's best tourist attractions. Visit the page for more hints and tips.

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