Monday, October 21, 2013

The Latest Greatest

Five of my favourite new blog finds:

1. Local Milk Blog

A food blogger, who's photographs look good enough to eat. She tells beautiful stories, and shares even better recipes. Her blog captures Tennessee living down to a T.

2. Domino's

Helena's Moscow fashion and photographs make me want to pack a suitcase full of coats and travel to Russia for the holidays, which is something I never thought I'd want to do. Now that's enticement for you.

3. Wit + Delight

This perfectly-charcoal-toned-Pinterest-style blog makes me want to live my life in hues of grey.

4. Sweet Thing Blog

This lady knows how to take a good photograph. And for me, that's always a win. Plus, her cute quirky style keeps me clicking back for more. Joyous!

5. sfgirlbybay

This San Francisco girl certainly knows how to rock her bohemian style, and has a deliciously large amount of posts on interiors, which I LOVE. What a win.

Happy clicking!

1 comment:

Ant K said...

Hi , if you want to mentally travel to Russia , I've just read an amazing book " Midnight in St Petersburg " by Vanora Bennett - a really good read !