Friday, August 30, 2013

{Fashion} Fridays

Ah, the wonderful world of Etsy online shopping. Beautiful items, from across the globe, right there, all gathered together, just a click of a button away. I have definitely started to appreciate the ease and simplicity of online shopping since moving to Los Angeles. It's just so reliable, and simple. None of the hassle of traffic and parking and overcrowded stores. No need to fight over the last size in the perfect shoes. They just arrive, with a knock at the door, perfectly packaged, by some invisible hand in some invisible land.

Since launching my latest jewellery collection on Etsy, I find myself spending a lot more time browsing the treasuries, featured items and blog posts on the site. And gosh, there are some jewels to be found.

So here begins the first of a series of posts featuring a few of my favourite things, from Etsy.

First up, a last little glimpse at a few wishful dresses, just before the autumn chill sets in.

To purchase any of these items, or to further browse my last sails of summer wish list, click here.

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