Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Windy Lake

I've been a bad little blogger. Too busy living life to record it all here. Maybe the odd weekly Instagram update is all you get now. And the odd pre-planned post about someone else's fabulous apartment, blog or style.

But here I am, perfectly sunny Wednesday afternoon, camped out behind the counter of one of the boutiques I work in, watching the summer breeze pull and tug at the bunting in the newly sprung leafy tree outside the window. It pulls at my insides too. There's a lot happening you see, a lot of building, a lot of anticipation. I find myself amazed at how much our lives have changed in this strange new world, how each day is challenging, interesting and different from the one before. I love waking up early enough in the morning, to climb on the couch with my bowl of berry-topped porridge, listening to the world awakening, giving myself the chance to rouse myself before Husband does, in a sneaked quiet half hour, or sometimes more. That's when I start to work - emails are piling up, invoices need to be sent, plans need to be made. Within a few, it's time to go to work, and it's good to sneak in my own admin before having to run someone else's business for the rest of the day.

I'm looking forward to the next few months - summer creeps in faster and faster these days - we've got hoardes of overseas visitors headed our way until at least September - and our big trip home in June speeds towards me at an alarming rate. I have presents to buy, wedding outfits to plan, and a serious bag to pack - see, we're going home to winter, and then will be spending a week in the heat of Mozambique. It means packing for two seasons in one go. And, leaving enough space to bring back a whole 'nother pile of treasures of home.

And life here, it ticks along. A very fast tick. Days disappear in blinks. Friends become plentiful, opportunities beckon. In some way, as excited as I am for the month long visit to South Africa, I'm just as excited to come back, and really sink my teeth in, no distractions, no stop-starts, just glorious summer days, and lots and lots of dreams to turn into hard-fast-rock-solid-plans.

California has certainly brought out the dreamer in me. But I'm not one to dream for long, not when there's money to be made and life to be lived.

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