Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hollywood Glam

I think I've mentioned before how much I like photographs. Only about a million times! I really do know how to go on about it. So it may seem a little strange how few actual photo shoots I've done in my life - at least, one's where I'm the photographer, not the model.

But lately, that is all set to change. See, I've started actually shooting. Planning, implementing, snapping away. And this shoot has to be my favourite so far. On Friday we did two shoots in one go: Hollywood Glam and Rock n Roll Edge.

Here are the snaps from Hollywood Glam:

And it was such fun! From the planning, to the styling, to getting up very early in the morning, to canvassing the neighbourhood, and sneaking on to people's front porches - it was all spectacular! Luckily I live in a suburb filled with inspiring houses, perfectly preened for photo shoots. Hehe.

Special thanks to Bree, the amazing model in these pics, for being beautiful, skinny, wonderful and fun all at the same time, and to Native Boutique for the use of these dresses.


Ms Ameezing said...

These are super cute. And I looove that pink dress x

mom said...

Those dresses would look good on you too, Robyn!