Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Hop And A Skip

Three weeks ago we were treated to the warmest, most loveliest weather ever - little tendrils of Spring reaching out and calling to us, 'come play'. So we did.

Half a block away from our house is Barnsdall Park - a bit of an oddity, this green hill, with straight lines of trees, rising out of the city scape. But, a little hop and a skip down the road, and there we are, overlooking much of Los Angeles. Who would have known such a funny looking park could hold such treasures?

There's a beautiful green patch of grass at the top, as well as some wonderful old buildings, and that's where we sat awhile, bathed in sunlight, three-hundred-and-sixty degree views of this endless city.

Afterwards, another hop and a skip, onto Sunset Boulevard, a visit with some graffiti, a couple of stores, and back to the home base. All in all, a good exploration. And what a way to enjoy the summer sunshine.

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