Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Fly By

This week flew by. Like an arrow, whizzing past my head. Probably because every single moment of every single day I was busy. That's what happens when you work seven jobs.

Almost a week ago, Husband was landing back in LA after his week back home. I was obviously at work, since that's what I do. That day it was at Native - a boutique. It was so so good to see him when I got home that evening. Soon after we headed out for the night - drinks for a friend's birthday.

Sunday was a double: shift one during the day at the other boutique I work at, Lake; shift two in the evening - the Grammy's after party at the Chateau.

Monday morning casting, followed by an afternoon shift at Native. Monday night was early to bed.

Tuesday: errands. Passport applications, buying uniforms and stock for work, vitamins for Husband.

Wednesday was up early. 9am fit modeling job - I'll be your mannequin, your real life mannequin. I try on a pile of clothes in the downtown LA area, in the office of a local fashion brand.

Later that day, a meeting with an event company - there's a big Oscar party coming up next week, 1000 people for a 5 course sit down, and I'm on the list to work as a server.

That evening, another shift at Native.

Work, work, work. Coffee, coffee, coffee. Sleep, sleep, sleep.

Thursday 9am prep for a hair modeling job. A couple of hours in and out, but I've got new brighter hues in my hair, which feels oh so soft and silky.

Followed up by another meeting - another possible job in sales. Schedule, schedule, schedule.

Time to turn it all off. Power down for Valentine's Day. I leave my schedule at home, desperately try and keep my phone in my bag, and not out of it, and head out for an afternoon and evening of fun with Husband. Pics on Instagram, and post coming soon.

Up early the next day - thank gosh for the 10pm bedtime the night before! 5.30am to get back to Wella for the hair job. Make-up. Hair styling. Presentation. Done.

Home. Sleeeeeeeep the afternoon away.

Friday's not over though yet - we're working another event in Beverly Hills. Uniforms on, in the car, off we go.

Saturday morning wake up. The room is filled with a warm glow. It's a beautiful day outside, the weather having treated us to three days so far, glorious and sunny. I slowly stretch out, and decide to get up early for coffee and blog writing, and a little introspection. This crazy week is much like every other week I've had since 2013 clicked over. It is joy to be busy, a rush of places and people and times. Body sore, but content.


Nicola Kritzinger said...

WOW! You are such a busy bumble bee! Listen to all those glam parties you're working at! I want a list of all the amazing people you've met ;)

I hope you have a best week little Robyn! Your new hair looks sooo pretty! X

lucille said...

How about a pic of you in your uniform, Robyn? mom