Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday {Past Explorations}

At age eight, I first experienced snow in America. I remember waking up early one morning. The world was so quiet. Deathly quiet. I couldn’t understand why. Our apartment was along a suburban road, and there was a main road not far away. The Harvard campus was just around the corner, and you could often hear people walking past heading to class, or cars pulling out of the apartment parking lot heading to work.

But it was so very quiet. Had I been a few years older (or now, basically), I might have thought it was the zombie apocalypse. Not this time though. I looked out the window. The world had gone white. Everything was completely blanketed. There was no room for noise or movement or shape in that white world. Only a few shadows remained. It was as if the world had ear muffs on – very big ear muffs made of snow.

To my eight year old self, this was incredible. Never had I known a world like this before. A world of lush green, and a world of dry brown, but never a world of quiet white.

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lucille said...

I loved seeing the two of you enjoying the snow! brings back good memories of you as an 8-year-old! mom