Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Night

I'm in my pyjamas, I have been all day. Days at home have become quite sacred, what with shifts and work and errands and all sorts of things cropping up all over the place. So the fact that I spent most of today wandering around the house in my pjs is exceedingly satisfying.

And I did not say I was slacking - I was in fact sending off important emails, learning how to use new software and applying for even more jobs, all in my pjs. It makes me smile to think of all these important people receiving my mails, from me, in sleepwear, under a blanket on the couch. Kind of makes me wonder how often the people who send me emails are doing exactly the same thing.

But yes, that has been my Friday. Ok, ok, I might have watched a little bit of TV in between sending all these emails, but one must take breaks from taxing email-sending.

So here we are. In a week, we would have been in Los Angeles for two months (!), all through the bizarrely cold winter (I still swear that me, my two jackets and one suitcase of summer clothes were told that LA was like Durban - warm all year round. Gosh, the lies!), throughout the festive season, and now shock horror, back into the working world of 2013.

So Friday night is spent at home, sending ever more emails, dismantling Christmas trees, and brainstorming ways to make 2013 count. I have projects and plans, and hopefully soon, a little bit more cash flow. Otherwise we're just going to have to sell these poor little Christmas decorations on the black market.

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