Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday {Past Explorations}

It's my birthday!

Eighteen years ago I celebrated my birthday in America, and this year I'll be doing the same thing.

Well, hopefully not exactly the same thing - though it would be nice if my dad came to my work and did ventriloquism, like he did when I was eight for my classmates. When I was a kid my dad used to do ventriloquism all the time. It was such a delight to see the tricks and the magic, and I remember I once nearly pee-d in my panties I was laughing so hard. He could make my stuffed animals talk, and would turn his hand into a granny with a drawn-on mouth and a serviette for a headscarf. The way he threw his voice and the characters he created - it was all truly enchanting. I think he stopped because as we grew up we started to work out the magic behind the magic. I guess we made for a less captive audience after that. That's the thing about kids - they always grow up, and become too darn smart.

On my American birthday, we ate cake, and everyone sang, and loved all the magic tricks. Then we went to my favourite place in the world - the indoor play park. This is what it all looked like:


lucille said...

Yes, I remember it well. your classmates were enchanted with the magic and ventriloquism. Who would have thought you'd be back there for another birthday!

Have a wonderful day, my beautiful child. We will be celebrating it with a meal and hopefully a skype conversation.

love you forever, mom

Anonymous said...
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Reaching Robyn said...

Thanks mom.

I remember that day well!

Dad's magic tricks were amazing, and I always loved going to that big play pen thingie. Such a good birthday!