Monday, December 17, 2012

Road Trip 101

This post is the first in a series - a guide to the ultimate cross country road trip. Having found the internet to be somewhat lacking in a fully comprehensive USA road trip blog, I couldn't help but do it myself. Besides, it was such a great way to document an incredible journey, and to be able to share it with friends and family back home.

So for the next few Mondays I'll be sharing the planning and organisation behind this trip, the things that we learnt along the way, the items we could not have done without, and what to expect once you're on the road.

We drove across 25 states, covered 6700 miles (10782 kilometres), stayed in countless motels, hotels and lodges, and burned up a whole lotta gas. This journey was an adventure - an exploration of a whole different world, and a discovery of so so much.

Some of our best tips? 

Look out for special offers and deals, especially if you're not traveling in the peak season. Traveling out of season actually worked out so well for us - we missed the middle of summer, the crowds and the heat! Traveling in October was bliss - cooler, less crowded (and still pretty friggin hot, and insanely busy). I shudder at the thought of what peak times must be like!

Don't under-budget. Things cost more here than back home! Especially food and alcohol.

Carry your ID with you everywhere - it gets you in, lets you use your credit card, and simplifies your life.

This is a big continent, it can be snowing up north, and sweating down south. Take everything you need. Or buy it along the way, if your budget allows.

This roadtrip was a mammoth undertaking. We dragged ourselves across numerous states, straight through our bank accounts, and were spat out the other side. But there are absolutely no regrets.

For the next few weeks I'm going to go through all the semantics of it - the planning, what to do once you're on the road and what to take with you.

This is a mad mad journey to go on, but the most incredible. 
Our best tip of all? Do it. Do it now!

Now we just need to do the other 25 states!

The views and opinions expressed on this blog, and in this post are purely that - views and opinions. What worked for us may not work for you, this is just the knowledge we gained along the way.

[All images by me, map from Google Maps]

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Anonymous said...

Although I'm not much of a commentator, I've read all your posts and love them. They allow me to follow you and share in your adventures. Good on you!

Have a wonderful Christmas! You will definitely be in our thoughts and maybe even in a toast or two.

Ant C-