Friday, November 9, 2012

On The Road: Grand Canyon to Death Valley

5 November 2012

First up, here's a couple of pics we nabbed as we left the Grand Canyon. Yavapai Point is definitely a winner. The Grand Canyon was quite an intriguing experience in the end - not quite as interesting as I thought it would be, and definitely too cold to really enjoy it, but it did keep catching my breath every time I glanced a different angle of it.
As we started to near Las Vegas Husband started to get really excited, and mumbled something about how cool it would be to stop at Hoover Dam. Something about a Superman movie being shot there. Shame, he's such a cute nerd.
But it was completely worth it. The place was pretty darn impressive.
Arriving in Vegas is like arriving on a film set. It looks just like it does in the movies. For real. Husband has decided to treat us, and has booked us into the very fancy-pants Mandarin Hotel, right on the strip. The room is beautiful, the view is phenomenal, and I feel like we're in heaven we're so high above the earth. It's a long debate as to whether to order room service or to head out for dinner. In the end we've heard too much about Roy's, a nearby sushi restaurant, to give it the skip.

And we were well rewarded for leaving the hotel - the sushi was tremendous! I would go back there in a second. Delish!
So, one night in Vegas hey? What else are you supposed to do but watch a burlesque show? (Yes, I know - you should get hitched. We even considered it, but in the end didn't make it to the chapel on time. Also, I'm not sure about the legal implications of getting married twice. Though, we would definitely like to - our wedding was the best party ever!)
So instead we watched Peep Show, which the ticket saleslady described as a 'topless musical'. It was cute and fun. And no pictures please!
After the show we did the next sensible thing, and wandered the strip, having a peek inside a few of the casinos made famous by movies - Bellagio, Planet Hollywood, Caesar's Palace. It was fun to soak up some of the excitement around the betting tables.

Walking out of the Bellagio and back onto the strip, I was surprised to see a large amount of people just standing along the edge of the pavement, and even more puzzled to see five or six cars randomly stopped at intervals in the road - lights on, engines on, but not moving. Suddenly the whole scene burst to life - the people and cars all started moving at the exact time. Husband and I stood and stared, beyond puzzled. Then, just as suddenly, the cars all stopped and started reversing back to their original positions! It seems obvious now, but at the time we just couldn't work it out. I felt like we were on the Truman Show. Luckily a kind passerby stopped and informed us that they were shooting the next Hangover movie. Thank gosh. My brain couldn't take anymore confusion at that point.
6 November 2012

Hmm...I'm feeling fragile again. I guess a night in Vegas will do that to you - and going to bed at 2.30am (which feels like 3.30am because we crossed through yet another time zone on our way here!)
After a seriously good breakfast at the hotel restaurant, we go and bake on the pool deck for a while. I felt like I was drowning in sunshine, sizzling in the Las Vegas heat. Ouch. Soon enough it was time to carry on anyways.
 Yip, here we go. Onward.
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