Monday, October 8, 2012

On The Road: Washington to Orlando

7 October 2012

7.30am wake-up. Get in the car. Drive. Drive. Drive.

Stop for McDonald's coffee and chips. Back in the car.

Drive. Drive. Drive.

The highway is lined with billboards advertising all the restaurants, ridiculously cheap motels, and gas stations. None of them are particularly promising.

Wonder where to stop for lunch. There's fast food, or fast food, or fast food.

No other choice, we stop at Shoney's. A classic American diner. Fried chicken for Husband, salad for me. Trying so hard not to turn into an whale.

Get back in the car.

Drive. Drive. Drive.

We're chasing summer south. The Washington we leave behind was icy and rainy, and 50 degrees fahrenheit. As we drive the temperature hikes up, first 60 degrees, then 70. It's 81 by the time we're 62 miles away from our over night spot.

That's 27 degrees celsius for the folks back home.

Welcome to Walterboro, SC. Never heard of it? Me neither.

Miles Covered: 513 (825km)
Time Taken: 9h 15min
8 October 2012

Day ten of the road trip. Can't believe it's been ten days already. We're nearly done with the east coast - nearly. Today we drive on to Orlando, and to Disney World.

We drove out of the almost-not-even-there town of Walterboro, and down south to Savannah, Georgia. This city is old - established in 1733. We walked along the harbour - the buildings around this coast line had obviously been here for years. They were weathered and water streaked. I thought it was quite beautiful.
As we drive out of Savannah I notice all the hurricane evacuation signs, and that Daphne (yes, the gps) has us at an elevation of 5ft - we are almost below sea level! No wonder they need some big time evacuation plans around these parts.

Swamp land lines some of the roads, but otherwise it's giant evergreens, and even taller billboards.

We cross the border into Florida. The Sun Shine state. Temperatures hit 84. We stop at a gas station for a loo break and refreshments. Stepping out the car is like stepping into a sauna.

Instantly all my clothes are sticking to my skin. My jeans feel like dead weight.

We have officially chased summer all the way south, and found it. After the chilly damp days up north in New England, the warmth is a welcome relief.

Now, to the pool, and the beach...

Miles Covered: 341 (693 km)
Door-To-Door: 7h

[Map from Google Maps]

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