Friday, October 26, 2012

On The Road: New Orleans to Austin

 25 October 2012

We drive out of New Orleans over swamp land. The road is raised for miles in each direction, and everywhere I look, all I see is water where the ground should be.

Trees grow straight through it, appearing mid-trunk from the water, drapped in moss and lichen.

Our above-water path seems to go on forever, with off-ramps and on-ramps creating loops of floating road in each direction.

We head due West, straight out of Louisiana and eventually into Texas. The road is lined with construction - as it has been across most of America. Progression creates jobs after all.

Texas is flat - more rugged than what we've seen before. The tree-lined highways of up north are left behind, and the swamp land of Louisiana as well.

It's very beautiful.

Approaching Austin the temps are up to 90, and it's nearly 6pm! I start to get worried for the heat we are sure to face the next day.

Today has been another full day of driving. We've planned a walk around the neighbourhood to stretch our legs, and then an evening at the hotel.
[Map from Google Maps]

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